Scouts Notebook: Villanova-Hampton

Scouts Notebook: Villanova-Hampton

A little late, but here's our notes from a game scouted near Philadelphia on August 28th. Obviously the main purpose of this trip was to get an up close look at the much talked about Isaac Hilton, yet even with that we learned a lot.


August 28, Philadelphia


Isaac Hilton/DE: While several aspects of Hilton's game stood out overall it was not a standout performance.  In fact, if you were not specifically looking for Hilton you might have missed him totally.  A tall, thin rangy athlete, Hilton was quick off the snap and plays with leverage.  He is able to quickly change direction, alter his angle of attack and pursue laterally.  One aspect that stood out was Hilton's head; he was very quick picking up the action and locating the ball on a consistent basis.  He displayed both a good arm over move and hand technique getting off blocks.  While he rarely made plays during any point of the game, Hilton was doubled all night by the 'Nova offensive line.  He is not strong or explosive and had great difficulty getting off blocks.  The bottom line is Hilton's fundamental's are solid and he's a good athlete with a decent upside but the performance we saw was not worthy of a top sixty pick.

Others: Joseph Wilson, a former tight end, is a big bruising blocker that was moved to fullback and may have a future.  Junior tackle Aaron Wells is listed at 6-7/420 and looks every bit of it.  Surprisingly, Wells is a good athlete but plays with poor fundamentals and must pick up every aspect of his game.  Defensive end Paul White showed some skill and is one to watch.  The best Hampton performance of the night was by the band, the Hampton absolutely amazing array if musicians!


Matt Chilla/TE: Solid pass catching tight end and reliable target over the middle on third down.  Slim build and has minimal effect as a blocker while also not a tight end that can take a pounding and hold onto the football.  

Terence Taylor/DE: Speed rusher who makes plays all over the field in every direction.  Can pursue laterally and immediately alters his angle of attack to get involved.  Small and handled at the point.

Darrell Adams/DE: Only a sophomore, Adams was far and away the best player on the field.  All night Adams wreaked havoc and was in the Hampton backfield.  He's an outstanding athlete with great range, speed and quickness.  He's built more like an outside linebacker but has some growth potential.  Keep this name on your radar screen. Recommended Stories