Senior Bowl: South Squad Player Reports

Senior Bowl: South Squad Player Reports

Name: Nathaniel Adibi College: Virginia Tech Jersey# 83

Ht: 6031 Wt: 255 Hand: 33.5 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Looks thin with not a lot of growth potential

Monday: Looked athletic, explosive and fast but was handled at the point by tight ends.

Tuesday: Like yesterday; looked athletic, fast and explosive but could not defeat a block.


Thursday: Displayed a lot of speed off the edge and did a much better job against Alan Reuber today.

Analysis: Really didn't do much to improve on a very ordinary senior campaign.

Name: Dave Ball College: UCLA Jersey# 43

Ht: 6054 Wt: 276 Hand: 32.25 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Solid with growth potential

Monday: Fast, explosive and gave us more than we expected. Really hustled and showed speed rushing the passer or pursuing the action. Was not awful defending the run.

Tuesday: Gave great hustle but could not defeat any blocks. Was pancaked by Ben Watson who consistently drove him off the line.

Wednesday: Shows tremendous hustle and the ability to pursue laterally. Still held up at the point by a single blocker. Has a tall thin build with skinny legs which is a problem.

Analysis: Did not prove to scouts he's anything more than a "pin your ears back and rush the passer" defensive end.

Name: Michael Boulware College: Florida State Jersey# 58

Ht: 6020 Wt: 223 Hand: 34 Arm: 8.5

Weigh In Comments:
Tall, thin but muscular and growth potential

Monday: Looked good early on; great in coverage and displays outstanding range. Has great trouble with blocks to the point he runs around them rather than taking on the opponent.

Tuesday: Very hesitant and not nearly as good as Monday. Got beat in coverage a few times, which was surprising.

Wednesday: Made a lot of nice plays up the field, displaying quickness and explosion. Plays fast and has the speed.

Analysis: Very uneven week. Looked good early in the practices then kind of leveled off. Needs a big combine to move into the first round.

Name: Greg Brooks College: Southern Jersey# 5

Ht: 5103 Wt: 175 Hand: 31.25 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Very thin but cut.

Monday: Very fluid and technically sound. Also displayed a lot of speed running down field with opponents.

Tuesday: Fast and fluid but only good in a straight line. Ran downfield with wide outs and relatively fluid in his hips but could not stay with opponents laterally.


Thursday: Did a good job; showed more explosion following receivers out of their breaks.

Analysis: Had a solid week but I don't think it was enough to move him into the top 60.

Name: Cedric Cobbs College: Arkansas Jersey# 4

Ht: 6001 Wt: 217 Hand: 32.5 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Good build, looks strong.

Monday: Looked real solid; strong, quick and very explosive. Had a lot of solid carries today and stood out.

Tuesday: Ran well on the interior but seemed a little off and did not have the same burst as Monday.

Wednesday: Ran well on the interior but seemed a little off and did not have the same burst as Monday.

Thursday: Had his left leg heavily taped and though he showed a lot of grit, it was easy to see he was suffering.

Analysis: After a great practice on Monday, the injury bug once again hit Cobb. This could be very damaging for him.

Name: Jerricho Cotchery College: N.C. State Jersey# 82

Ht: 6002 Wt: 199 Hand: 32.25 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Tall, thin build but cut. A bit of growth potential

Monday: Had a tough day; made a few grabs but was slipping all day and dropped a lot of throws. Must've forgot his helmet as he was wearing a Florida Gator helmet.

Tuesday: Very non-descript; caught some and dropped some. Did wear the correct helmet today.

Wednesday: Picked up his play immeasurably. A lot more under control and we did not see the slipping of the prior two days. Also caught the ball much better.

Thursday: Made several nice catches including one where he slid across the middle of the field in traffic.

Analysis: Improved as the week went on and really picked up his play. 40-time will mean everything for him.

Name: Karlos Dansby College: Auburn Jersey# 11

Ht: DNS Wt: Hand: Arm:

Weigh In Comments:





Name: Rod Davis College: Southern Jersey# 24

Ht: 6020 Wt: 237 Hand: 32.25 Arm: 10

Weigh In Comments:
Frame filled to max.

Monday: Tough as nails and improved as the day proceeded. Hard-hitting and lays it on the line but was a bit over-anxious to the point he was constantly getting sucked up field and out of position most of the day.



Analysis: Really fizzled as the week progressed to the point where he was a non-factor. Did not accomplish what he needed to do here which was prove he's more than a two-down defender.

Name: Darnell Dockett College: Florida State Jersey# 95

Ht: 6034 Wt: 292 Hand: 32.5 Arm: 10.5

Weigh In Comments:
Nice build but a bit of flab. Definite growth potential

Monday: A bit uneven today. Showed great explosion and was thought to handle at times but then could not get off blocks once engaged with opponents. To his credit plays with incredible leverage and pad level.

Tuesday: Again; a lot of explosion and quickness. Threw a great arm over move on Jeb Terry and beat him up the field. 

Wednesday: Made several nice plays which "wowed" the scouts. Did get handled by Locklear but made a lot of plays laterally and for the most part, decent instincts.

Analysis: Good week and raised a lot of eyebrows. Will it get him into the first round? Not this alone as he'll need a good combine.

Name: Keyaron Fox College: Georgia Tech Jersey# 52

Ht: 6022 Wt: 228 Hand: 33.25 Arm: 10

Weigh In Comments:
Strong and good build. May not get much bigger.

Monday: Very athletic but did not stand out.

Tuesday: Had a tough day; very hesitant and did not seem instinctive at all. Late arriving on the scene and got lambasted by the coaching staff at one point for not finishing the play.

Wednesday: Again; great explosion, athleticism and nice speed but seems in a mental fog. Continually caught out of position and on several snaps just rushed up the field and over-pursued the action.

Analysis: Hurt himself and had a very tough week. Unlikely to go in the top 45 now.

Name: Ronnie Ghent College: Louisville Jersey# 86

Ht: 6023 Wt: 244 Hand: 34.5 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Not outstanding yet looks like he can add bulk.

Monday: Caught the ball well and gave effort blocking but really shows no strength at the point.

Tuesday: Caught the ball well and played better today than Monday.

Wednesday: Made a nice diving catch, displaying concentration. Also played relatively fast.

Analysis: Really impressed with his hands all week. Gave effort blocking but it was easy to see that is not his forte'. As a pass catching tight end really needs to run very well before the draft.

Name: Jake Grove College: Virginia Tech Jersey# 64

Ht: 6032 Wt: 300 Hand: 31.5 Arm: 9.75

Weigh In Comments:
Big upper body yet not much muscle definition

Monday: Smart, tough and really looked good. Not dominant or flashy but efficient and held his own all day.

Tuesday: Another solid outing; good feel for the position and though not a dominant mauler, uses brains plus brawn.
Wednesday: Tough and good at the initial point of contact but lacks the dominant base and could not finish blocks. Had trouble in one-on-one's when they let the linemen duke it out for a bit.

Analysis: Attitude and intensity have endeared him to a lot of scouts. Probably remained about even.

Name: Devery Henderson College: LSU Jersey# 9

Ht: 5112 Wt: 191 Hand: 31.75 Arm: 8.5

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build yet looks naturally thin

Monday: Most impressive receiver for the day. Explosive, fast and ran well in every direction. Made all the grabs today.

Tuesday: Again, caught the ball well on the run and ran great routes all day. Got laid out over the middle by Madieu Williams late in practice and sat out the rest of the afternoon. To his credit, held onto the ball when he got pounded.

Wednesday: Caught the ball well and had no trouble getting open. The one problem with his game is a lack of physicality. On a couple of occasions when he was engaged by cornerbacks (Smith & Vasher specifically) he would lose the battles.

Analysis: Started with a bang then ended with a pop. Seemed a little beaten up and worn down by Thursday bit still helped himself immeasurably and may have locked in a top 50 spot.

Name: B.J. Johnson College: Texas Jersey# 40

Ht: 5115 Wt: 207 Hand: 33 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Good definition and some growth potential.

Monday: Quick, made some good catches but did not stand out.

Tuesday: Caught the ball reasonably well but got laid out over the middle early in practice, for the second day in a row, and sat on the sidelines for the remainder of the session.

Wednesday: Sat out the day after being laid out yesterday and sustaining a rib injury. Replaced by Justin Jenkins who took some snaps after practice with JP Losman.

Analysis: Did reasonably well before the injury and improved his stock.

Name: Brandon Johnson College: Auburn Jersey# 45

Ht: 5104 Wt: 230 Hand: 30.5 Arm: 9.12

Weigh In Comments:
Cut and strong.

Monday: Big, stiff and looks like he should be playing middle linebacker.


Wednesday: Dropped several passes early in the session then hurt his ankle, had it taped and watched from the sidelines.

Thursday: Caught the ball better today.

Name: Donnie Jones College: LSU Jersey# 80

Ht: 6022 Wt: 211 Hand: 31.12 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:

Monday: Punted the ball well in the wind and cold. Got hand timed though he was a little inconsistent.

Tuesday: Only a few times does a punter really help himself at a game like this and Jones is doing. The ball exploded off his foot and he kicked moon-shots getting hang-time and distance. Consistently punted the ball 50-yards with a few 55+ punts as well.


Thursday: Was banging his punts 55-yards

Analysis: Helped himself in practice and will only raise his stock with a good game if he proves he can bang them out under pressure.

Name: Greg Jones College: Florida State Jersey# 6

Ht: 6013 Wt: 250 Hand: 32 Arm: 9.75

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build, looks like a muscle man. Very cut.

Monday: Had some nice runs and very tough to bring down on the inside. Physically impressive.

Tuesday: Caught the ball well which was the only improvement from yesterday.

Wednesday: Does not seem to have regained the quickness he possessed prior to his knee injury but to his credit showed some versatility receiving  the ball and threw several nice blocks when placed at fullback.

Thursday: Had a terrible practice. Dropped tons of passes, missed assignments and was constantly ridden hard by the coaches.

Name: Tommy Kelly College: Mississippi Jersey# 55

Ht: 6057 Wt: 302 Hand: 34.5 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Ordinary…needs to hit the weight room.

Monday: Good athlete but a very average football player. Could not get off blocks, constantly spun around and constantly off balance.

Tuesday: Picked up his play significantly. Got off blocks and beat linemen into the backfield. Another day like this tomorrow and he will have significantly improved his draft stock.

Wednesday: Would definitely be given the award from most improved player. Seems to have taken well to the coaching and made numerous plays today.

Thursday: Another good day. Put several moves on Rueber and got by him. A big game on Saturday and Kelly could be on his way.

Name: Chad Lavalais College: LSU Jersey# 93

Ht: 6015 Wt: 293 Hand: 32.5 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Large but lacks muscular definition.

Monday: Quick, explosive and tough to handle. Rarely off his feet but did not show the upper body strength and was handled at times. Did not do enough to warrant us thinking he's first round material.

Tuesday: Showed similar explosion as compared to Monday and great hand technique staying off blocks. Made several solid plays laterally.

Wednesday: Another solid outing yet nothing spectacular. Rarely off his feet and works to make a play. What has surprised us is his ability to get laterally and make play. What has disappointed us in the inability to get off a single block.

Analysis: Had a nice week but nothing spectacular and to my mind did not move into the first round with his performance here.

Name: Rodney Leslie College: UCLA Jersey# 77

Ht: 6030 Wt: 302 Hand: 32 Arm: 11.25

Weigh In Comments:
Looks like a mean bastard. Big guns and nice build.

Monday: Showed a lot of hustle and explosion but cannot get off blocks and if he doesn't beat blockers with the first move he doesn't beat them at all.

Tuesday: Similar to Monday.

Wednesday: Great quickness and hand technique all practice. Made a few plays in the backfield but like the previous two days, cannot get off blocks once engaged at the point.

Analysis: If nothing else, consistent. Worked hard but limited in many ways.

Name: Sean Locklear College: N.C. State Jersey# 56

Ht: 6037 Wt: 301 Hand: 32.5 Arm: 10.25

Weigh In Comments:
No muscular definition whatsoever.

Monday: Had a good day; blocks with excellent fundamentals and strength. Destroyed DeMarco McNeil in one-on-one's.

Tuesday: Again, played very well and looked solid. Controlled opponents at the point and played strong. Thus far one of the better linemen for the South.

Wednesday: Definitely the best linemen from the South and really improved his draft stock. Blocked with great strength, technique and tenacity. On successive snaps in drills he stoned both Chad Lavalias then Darnell Dockett. Has moved into the first day.

Thursday: Another dominant performance. Literally ripped Darnell Dockett's jersey off and manhandled him at the point.

Analysis: Really improved his draft stock and we would not be surprised if he's the first senior guard selected in April.

Name: J.P. Losman College: Tulane Jersey# 7

Ht: 6022 Wt: 217 Hand: 32 Arm: 9.25

Weigh In Comments:
Strong build, very muscular with good definition.

Monday: Big arm, but very erratic with his accuracy. Held on to the ball the too long in the pocket. No questioning his arm though.

Tuesday: A little erratic overall. Threw some nice passes but then tossed a bad pick in scrimmage. Not really doing anything to make a first round statement just yet.

Wednesday: Still erratic. Must learn to take something off his passes when needed. Also lacks the great pass placement; constantly throwing behind receivers over the middle as the pass catchers had to slow down and adjusts backwards to the errant pass. Lastly; very slow to pull the trigger in full scrimmage and passes were late getting to the receivers.

Thursday: A little better with his accuracy and timing but still very indecisive and held the ball to long.

Name: Triandos Luke College: Alabama Jersey# 84

Ht: 5107 Wt: 189 Hand: 32.5 Arm: 10

Weigh In Comments:
Very slight build though decent definition.

Monday: Started slow but really picked it up in all aspects. Made the catch of the day and displayed terrific downfield speed.

Tuesday: Made a lot of nice receptions, both easy and tough. Starting to stand out and improving his stock.

Wednesday: Did not stand out yet made no mistakes either. Overall caught the ball relatively well.

Analysis: Looked very polished and moved into the first day.

Name: Bobby McCray College: Florida Jersey# 57

Ht: 6054 Wt: 252 Hand: 34.25 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Very athletic looking; imposing and impressive.

Monday: Imposing looking figure and displays flashes but not a lot of consistency.

Tuesday: Makes a lot of athletic plays,  but not enough of them. Got into the backfield on occasion or got his hands up to bat away a  pass. Yet was destroyed by Ben Watson on one play and responded by throwing punches.

Wednesday: Did not stand out.

Thursday: Thrown to the ground by Max Starks on one play.

Analysis: McCray had a chance to move into the early part of the draft (top 40) but did not. Very much a project in the works.

Name: DeMarco McNeil College: Auburn Jersey# 92

Ht: 6012 Wt: 306 Hand: 31.75 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Looks like he's never lifted weight in his life

Monday: Did not practice with much inspiration. Looked overweight, poorly conditioned and was handled most of the day. Very disappointing.

Tuesday: Another terrible outing. Consistently handled at the point and when he did make a play the coaches chided him for all the spin moves he threw on the blocker saying the ball would've been long gone by the time he was finished spinning and in the end zone.

Wednesday: Did not stand out.

Analysis: Did not do well and watched his stock drop. Will need a real good workout before April to stay in the first round.

Name: Mewelde Moore College: Tulane Jersey# 26

Ht: 5105 Wt: 205 Hand: 30.5 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Small but cut.

Monday: Quick footed and shows a burst yet at the same time worked his runs on the inside. That said minimal strength.

Tuesday: Ran well though nothing outstanding. Displayed quick feet and a burst with the ability to weave through the traffic on the interior.

Wednesday: Made several terrific catches in drills and scrimmage. Also displayed good run vision and patience during scrimmage, wait for Greg Jones to throw a block then blowing through the hole.

Thursday: Quick and displayed excellent footwork. Ran low to the ground and explosive through the hole.

Analysis: Overall, a good showing. A WCO team will take a stab at him in the middle-to-late second round.

Name: Stephen Peterman College: LSU Jersey# 72

Ht: 6036 Wt: 312 Hand: 32.5 Arm: 10

Weigh In Comments:
Strong build yet a lot of flab and not much definition.

Monday: Possibly the best guard of the day. Powerful, tough and smart. Threw some devastating blocks that sprung Cedric Cobbs free. Also put in motion on one play and though he looked clumsy, got out and pancaked Keyaron Fox.

Tuesday: Blocked with solid form and was not beaten at all today. Another good outing.

Wednesday: Did not get beat and applauded by coaches several times.

Analysis: Improved his draft ranking as he played well. May only be able to play in a few systems as he's limited but looks like a good prospect. 

Name: Etric Pruitt College: Southern Mississippi Jersey# 28

Ht: 5117 Wt: 189 Hand: 32.75 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Very thin looking with not much growth potential.


Tuesday: Showed a good head and solid technique. Did not make any mistakes yet did not make many plays.

Wednesday: Very good day; did a solid job in both man coverage and when placed in zone. Best practice of the week.

Thursday: Did a solid job in centerfield.

Analysis: Overall Pruitt did a good job and improved his stock. Would not at all surprised to see him move into the top 60 after this.

Name: Keiwan Ratliff College: Florida Jersey# 1

Ht: 5103 Wt: 187 Hand: 31.5 Arm: 9.25

Weigh In Comments:
Cut and nice build.

Monday: Good in his hips but did look a little slow footed.


Wednesday: Solid; did not make many plays yet did not make any mistakes. Does not show explosion or speed but then again, rarely had passes thrown in his direction.

Analysis: Never really stood out. Did not look fast or explosive which he needed to show. Did not do enough to move into the first round.

Name: Alan Reuber College: Texas A&M Jersey# 73

Ht: 6057 Wt: 309 Hand: 34.5 Arm: 10.25

Weigh In Comments:
Solid, barrel-chested.

Monday: Best blocker of the day. Looked imposing and played that way. Stopped everyone they threw in his direction. Blocks with a lot of power. Used early as a long snapper but the results were disastrous.

Tuesday: Another solid outing. Patient and did not get beat.

Wednesday: Played well at right tackle. Very strong though his lack of agility and flexibility is a concern.

Thursday: Again, played strong and solid. Did get beat by Adibi.

Analysis: Did a nice job and improved his stock. A big right tackle with room to grow. Probably moved into the late second round with his showing here.

Name: Philip Rivers College: N.C. State Jersey# 17

Ht: 6047 Wt: 226 Hand: 32.25 Arm: 9.25

Weigh In Comments:
Not a lot of definition but solid.

Monday: From ten yards in he is very accurate but the further down the field he throws the pass the more of an adventure it becomes.

Tuesday: Displays a great sense of timing and awareness, even though he's working with new receivers. Good feel but again, not effective throwing the ball down field and had a lot of passes blocked at the line of scrimmage.

Wednesday: Is the glass half full or half empty? The solid aspects of his game are the accuracy and timing over the middle between the numbers. His awareness and general feel for where his receivers are on the field is also very impressive (even though these are brand new pass catchers he's working with). An ability to immediately make the right decision also stands out about Rivers. Now, he's a bit slow setting up in the pocket and the further to the flanks he throws the ball the more inaccurate he is. The point of release is also a problem. One scout from the NFC East likened his play to the golf swing of Chi-Chi Rodriguez, "You may not like the process but it's the result that matters."

Thursday: Looked a bit slow getting the ball out of his hands on the three-step drop or quick pass.

Analysis: Will only be effective in a very few schemes and though he has his limitations it is easy to see why those teams would like him. Had a solid week, there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered.

Name: Matt Schaub College: Virginia Jersey# 8

Ht: 6054 Wt: 237 Hand: 31.75 Arm: 9.75

Weigh In Comments:
Does not look that big and seems as though he could easily add 15-pounds.

Monday: Solid technician with adequate accuracy. Long passes tended to float.

Tuesday: Better today then yesterday but still only adequate. Threw a bad pick in practice.

Wednesday: Throws a very catchable pass and displayed nice timing on his throws. Really had a good day.

Thursday: Threw the ball reasonably well.

Analysis: Schaub had a decent week but really will not make a big move up the charts. Inability to drive the ball downfield will hurt as he is a big, immobile pocket passer.

Name: Guss Scott College: Florida Jersey# 29

Ht: 5103 Wt: 198 Hand: 31.12 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Powerful build.


Tuesday: Threw his body around the field today and gave the ball carrier a few shots.

Wednesday: Had several nice plays and pass break-ups through out the morning.

Thursday: Blew a deep coverage on Justin Jenkins and ended up pulling him down.

Analysis: Really did not improve his stock as he has minimal skills defending the pass outside the box.

Name: Keith Smith College: McNeese State Jersey# 23

Ht: 5114 Wt: 196 Hand: 31.12 Arm: 8.75

Weigh In Comments:
Cut and good definition.

Monday: Technically sound and showed terrific feet and hips. Was not challenged much during the session.

Tuesday: Solid footwork, hips and fluid moving about the field but does not position himself to make a play. Gave up the inside almost every snap and did a lot more chasing then covering.

Wednesday: Solid session and his best practice. Technically very sound with a nice burst of speed. When he was able to bump-and-run with opponents he was effective and beat Devery Henderson badly on one snap.

Thursday: Another good day. Excellent technician and stayed with opponents all over the field.

Analysis: Of all the small school corners Smith helped himself the most. A good combine could put him in the middle-to-late part of round one.

Name: Brent Smith College: Mississippi Jersey# 44

Ht: 5103 Wt: 208 Hand: 31 Arm: 9.25

Weigh In Comments:





Name: Daryl Smith College: Georgia Tech Jersey# 51

Ht: 6017 Wt: 230 Hand: 32.75 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Very thin but cut.

Monday: A lot like his Georgia Tech teammate Key Fox; did not stand out.

Tuesday: Made some intelligent plays today. Quick mentally in pass coverage and does a good job with his assignments. Not flashy but did a solid job keeping the action in front of him.

Wednesday: Used at both inside and outside linebacker. Very smart and quick to key or diagnose just slow getting to the spot and lacks explosion.

Name: Max Starks College: Florida Jersey# 79

Ht: 6071 Wt: 359 Hand: 36.5 Arm: 11

Weigh In Comments:
Doesn't look like he's spent much time in the weight room.

Monday: Did an admirable job. Not great but the type of guy that you know what you're getting. Strong and best in confined quarters. Used mostly at right tackle.

Tuesday: Played both left tackle and guard. Looked terrible on the blind side and got beat several times. Can not adjust or slide. Much better when kicked inside to guard.

Wednesday: Used at left tackle and struggled. Really only good in confined quarters.

Thursday: Played left tackle and man-handled Bobby McCray at one point.

Analysis: Starks is massive and plays that way. I think there is no way he stays on the blind side at the next level but could be taken at the end of day one as a right side player or a guard.

Name: Jeb Terry College: North Carolina Jersey# 76

Ht: 6055 Wt: 314 Hand: 33.5 Arm: 9.75

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build but doesn't look like there's much growth potential.

Monday: Technically very sound and once he gets his hand on defenders is able to control them. Not the greatest athlete and has difficulty adjusting or handling explosive opponents.

Tuesday: Again, fundamentally very sound and uses great positioning to seal blocks and keep defenders away yet when a defender with only ordinary strength was able to get leverage on him, they'd move Terry out.

Wednesday: Solid outing, similar to his initial two practices.

Analysis: Had a solid week but his limited athleticism and strength will keep him from moving up draft boards.

Name: Dontarrious Thomas College: Auburn Jersey# 54

Ht: 6020 Wt: 235 Hand: 33 Arm: 9.75

Weigh In Comments:
Solid build; big shoulders.

Monday: Looks physically impressive on the field but did not make a lot of plays in practice.

Tuesday: Just seems mentally slow and hesitant. Was very late arriving on the scene.

Wednesday: Looks impressive running sideline-to-sideline just did not make any plays. Used at middle and outside linebacker. On one played was pursuing laterally with his head down and got put on his backside by a devastating blow Ben Watson threw.

Analysis: Had a tough week. Just did not make many plays and very hesitant which did not go unnoticed.

Name: Bruce Thornton College: Georgia Jersey# 2

Ht: 5103 Wt: 192 Hand: 30.75 Arm: 8.5

Weigh In Comments:
Thin build but cut.


Tuesday: Used backed off the line of scrimmage and was not very effective.


Analysis: Really tough to get a grip on how he did. Just did not stand out. 

Name: Nathan Vasher College: Texas Jersey# 3

Ht: 5097 Wt: 171 Hand: 31.25 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Looks a bit thin.

Monday: Small and got beat on a few occasions on a deep route.

Tuesday: Great technique and very quick but played a very timid brand of football. On one instance, wanted no part of Jerricho Cotchery after letting him make the reception.

Wednesday: Came on today and had his best practice of the week. Besides technique, did a terrific job in zone or man. Made a great play to break up a pass tossed to Devery Henderson.

Analysis: Picked up his play late in the week and would rate him as a tick up on the good side. Do not think he came close to solidifying himself as a first round choice.

Name: Ben Watson College: Georgia Jersey# 89

Ht: 6033 Wt: 253 Hand: 33.75 Arm: 10

Weigh In Comments:
Powerful build; looks very muscular and cut.

Monday: Impressive looking specimen and excellent blocker. Took Tommy Kelly to school on several blocks but then dropped some very easy passes.

Tuesday: Another outstanding day as a blocker and really destroyed the likes of Dave Ball and Bobby McCray. To his credit also caught the ball very well.

Wednesday: Not a factor in the passing game but threw several devastating blocks throughout practice.

Thursday: Another good outing. Applauded several times by coached for his devastating blocks.

Analysis: Watson did a good job making up for a poor senior season yet did not stand out in the area scouts wanted to see; as a pass catcher.

Name: Scott Wells College: Tennessee Jersey# 66

Ht: 6014 Wt: 295 Hand: 31.75 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Big guns and mean. Some growth potential.

Monday: Quick and smart but had trouble handling big, powerful defenders.

Tuesday: Same as yesterday.

Wednesday: Tough and nasty but must really improve the strength of his playing base.

Analysis: Not to good and not too bad. Has limitations and they showed this week.

Name: Travelle Wharton College: South Carolina Jersey# 68

Ht: 6034 Wt: 311 Hand: 34.12 Arm: 10.5

Weigh In Comments:
Big arms and shoulders but needs to hit the weights. Developing "man-boobs".

Monday: Struggled; did not look quick nor did he show the ability to slide out at left tackle, the position he manned all day.

Tuesday: Moved around the line to different positions but similar results.

Wednesday: Another tough practice. Played left tackle and struggled all day. 

Thursday: Looked awful again.

Analysis: Watched his draft stock drop. Could not handle the tackle duties on either side of the line of scrimmage.

Name: Ernest Wilford College: Virginia Tech Jersey# 19

Ht: 6035 Wt: 220 Hand: 34 Arm: 9.75

Weigh In Comments:
Solid receiver build. Strong.

Monday: Caught the ball well and looks impressive on the field but was chided for poor route running by the Charger coaches.

Tuesday: Ran better routes and made a nice stab down the left sideline. Consistent all day.

Wednesday: Best practice of the week. Caught the ball well over the middle and on the flanks. Continually got separation and used his big frame to box out defenders. Though not a burner, showed decent speed today.

Thursday: Caught the ball well though he did let the pass get inside him.

Analysis: Had a solid week and improved a little bit. His forty time is very important.

Name: Shaud Williams College: Alabama Jersey# 21

Ht: 5074 Wt: 184 Hand: 29 Arm: 9.5

Weigh In Comments:
Slight build but good definition.

Monday: Explosive footwork and was setting up defenders all day then making them miss. Good change of pace runner.



Thursday: Ran with great explosion and also caught the ball well. Incredibly quick with great footwork.

Analysis: Proved he can handle the duties of a third down back and could move into the late part of day one.

Name: Madieu Williams College: Maryland Jersey# 20

Ht: 6003 Wt: 190 Hand: 31.25 Arm: 9

Weigh In Comments:
Cut and muscular.

Monday: Actually did a very good job in coverage during one-on-one's or in the full scrimmage.

Tuesday: Looked a little stiff in his backpedal but had a good session; really flew around the ball and threw his body around the field. 


Analysis: Overall we thought Williams did quite well. Displayed a lot of solid cover skills which was a question mark on his game. Recommended Stories