Senior Bowl: Thursday Afternoon News/Notes/Rumors

Senior Bowl: Thursday Afternoon News/Notes/Rumors

A few remaining notes from the final Senior Bowl practice of 2004. While the crowd for the South's session was light this afternoon, some important material passed our way.

The remaining Eagles scouts in attendance watched the receivers for most of the afternoon. This is important; as while Philadelphia has been discreet most of the week, this is the second time, we have snagged them intently scouting receivers.

The Niners spoke extensively with Brent Smith, which makes sense since they need a kicker.

The Browns had a group of scouts over by the offensive linemen and it was tough not to notice their attraction to Sean Locklear.

The Cardinals kept close watch on the linebackers and defensive linemen. Both are major areas of need for the team.

One last note; one Cardinal scout made a passing comment on Kurt Warner stating when they played the Rams at seasons end Warner looked scared and very uncomfortable in the pocket, like he wanted to be elsewhere. This scout said they saw the same exact thing when they viewed the film of the Rams-Giants game at seasons start. Recommended Stories