Scouting Report: Joe Washington

Scouting Report: Joe Washington

Name: Joe Washington School: Western Kentucky Year: 4Sr
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 335 40: 5.53 Pos: G

Bio: Two year starter at offensive tackle that backed up at guard early in his career. Father previously spent time in the Cleveland Browns camp.

Pos: Big, wide-bodied lineman naturally strong at the point. Quick off the snap, walls defenders from the play or engulfs opponents and takes them from the action. Stays square, keeps opponents in front of him and quickly gets his hands into defenders controlling them off the snap of the ball. Built low to the ground and effectively uses body positioning to seal blocks.

Neg: Gets tall, not explosive off the snap and late into blocks. Can not kick out or pull and slow getting to the spot when asked to block in motion. More of an arm wrestler who lacks range and body control. Poorly conditioned and severely overweight.

Analysis: Washington has a great build for an interior lineman as well as the natural strength and the ability to become a powerhouse. That said, he only occasionally applies himself and while he plays hard, does not do the little things off the field to make himself a better player. Will be brought into a mini-camp but if he shows up obese and not ready to play football, will quickly be shown the door and will begin looking for another career. Recommended Stories