Updated Best Available Free Agents-Defense

Donnie Edwards (Getty Images)

Will Donnie Edwards sign on with another team or retire? Is this the end of the line for another great linebacker in Junior Seau?

Defensive Tackle
Dewayne Robertson (DE in 3-4) - Former first-round pick of the New York Jets who has underachieved, but has experience in 3-4 and 4-3 schemes.
John Thornton- Probably could still start if needed.
Brian Young - Coming off of knee problems, but offers a solid role as a top backup if healthy.
Darwin Walker - Fits in as a backup at this point in his career.
Ellis Wyms (DE) - Versatile, solid backup or could start for a while if needed.
Kindal Moorehead - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Antwan Lake - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Kenderick Allen - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
James Reed - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Langston Moore - Fits in as a fourth of fifth tackle.

Defensive End

Vonnie Holliday (DE in 3-4) - Still could start.
Travis LaBoy (OLB in 3-4) - Lots of injuries in his career, but has talent.
Kevin Carter (DE in 3-4) - Still wants to play and may re-sign with the Buccaneers.
Anthony Weaver (DE in 3-4) - Versatility should help him find work.
Kalimba Edwards - Should find work as a third end.
John Engelberger - Can play inside if needed. Decent backup.
Jason Babin - Former first-round pick of the Houston Texans who has been a big disappointment.
Rosevelt Colvin (OLB in 3-4) - He's had his share of injuries in his career and fits in as a backup.
Ebenezer Ekuban - Fits in as a third or fourth end.
Earl Cochran - Texans took their restricted tender off the table, but have some interest in re-signing him at some point.
Jerome McDougle - Underachieving former first-round pick of the Eagles who has battled a lot of bad luck and injuries over his career.
Josh Thomas - Basically a fourth or fifth end.
Gary Stills - He was recently selected in the UFL draft.
Orpheus Roye - 3-4 DE who fits in as a fifth end.
Simon Fraser - Can play in either 3-4 or 4-3, but is a deep backup.

Inside Linebacker
Nate Webster (SLB) - Probably could still start if needed.
Derek Smith - His agent, Frank Bauer, said the 34-year old LB still wants to play.
Teddy Lehman - Talented, but oft-injured LB.
Napoleon Harris - Probably a backup at this point in his career.
Junior Seau - He hasn't said if he still wants to play.
Ryan Nece (SLB) - He's a solid, versatile backup.

Outside Linebacker

Derrick Brooks (WLB) - Will need to find a team that plays a cover-2. He said recently that still wants to play.
Marcus Washington (SLB) - Decent pass rusher in a 4-3 scheme from OLB.
Morlon Greenwood (WLB) - Long-time starter for the Dolphins and Texans and probably should be able to find a starting job if a team needs one during training camp.
Donnie Edwards (ILB/WLB) - 36-year old LB who could find work as camps get underway.
Junior Seau (ILB) - Still hasn't retired yet.
Antwan Peek (SLB/OLB in 3-4) - Missed all of last season with a knee injury and dealt with knee problems in 2007.
Dontarrious Thomas (WLB/MLB) - Versatility may help him find work as a backup.
Alex Lewis (SLB) - The Lions recently released him.
Willie McGinest (OLB in 3-4/DE in 4-3) - Best suited in a 3-4 as a backup. He reportedly still wants to play.
Shantee Orr (SLB/OLB in 3-4) - Decent pass-rushing OLB. Would be a solid backup.
Rocky Boiman (SLB/MLB) - Solid special team player and can play at least two positions at linebacker.
Carlos Polk (OLB in 3-4) - Veteran who fits in a 3-4 scheme as a fifth or sixth LB.
Gary Stills (SLB/OLB in 3-4) - Good special teams player, but was selected in the UFL draft.
Gilbert Gardner (SLB/WLB) - Former third-round pick of the Colts who fits in as a fifth or sixth linebacker.
Kris Griffin (ILB/MLB) - Solid special teamer and deep backup LB.


Dexter Jackson - Lots of injury issues in recent years.
Lawyer Milloy - Smart player, but may not find a starting job out there if he still wants to play.
Corey Chavous - It's questionable if he'll find a starting job.
Dwight Smith - Probably not a starter at this point in his career.
Sammy Knight - May decide to retire.
Keith Davis - Recently released by the Raiders. Davis is a solid special teams player and fits in as a fourth safety.
Will Demps - Solid backup.
Mike Green - Smart player who fits in as a fourth safety.
Kevin Kaesviharn - Got a decent free agent deal from the Saints two years ago, but really should be a backup.
Terrence Holt - Probably will not get starting consideration.
Mike Doss - He was recently selected in the UFL draft.
Calvin Lowry - Released by the Jaguars lately and fits in as a fourth safety.
Cameron Worrell - Fourth safety.
Michael Boulware - The conversion from linebacker in college never worked out.
J.R. Reed (KR) - Fourth safety.

Mike McKenzie - It's questionable whether he'll be able to find a starting role.
Chris McAlister - May be asked to play safety.
Patrick Surtain - Probably a nickel back these days.
Ty Law - Best used in a nickel situation. Law is a smart player who could help a young secondary.
Fakhir Brown - Probably not a starter these days.
Adam Jones (KR/PR) - Troubled, but talented DB who probably needs to play in a nickel role. His return ability should get him some attention.
Brian Kelly - Veteran cornerback who fits in a nickel role.
David Barrett - Fits in well as a nickel back.
Michael Lehan - Good-sized nickel cornerback.
Ricky Manning, Jr. - Scappy nickel cornerback.
Jason Webster - He told us recently that he still wants to play.
Jason Craft - Can handle a nickel role.
Daven Holly - Young cornerback who needs to prove he's all the way back from his ACL injury.
R.W. McQuarters (PR) - Can probably handle a nickel role. 
David Macklin - Serviceable dime cornerback.
Sam Madison - Like many veterans on this list, best used in a dime defense.
Lewis Sanders - Big defensive back who may have to play safety at some point in order to get a job.
Reynaldo Hill - Basically a dime cornerback.
Stanley Wilson - Dime cornerback.
David Irons - The Falcons released waived the former sixth-round pick.
Aaron Glenn - Was once one of the top cornerbacks some years ago, but is now just a dime cornerback.

Updated Best Available NFL Free Agents-Offense

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