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Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 04:39 PM ET

That's a Wrap!

That's it for the South's Wednesday practice. Join us again tomorrow morning at 10:45 as the North Team re-takes the practice field.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter,
at 01/27/2010 04:34 PM ET

Kickoff Return

Javier Arenas, Andre Roberts and Dexter McCluster are working as kick returners as practice winds down for the South.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 04:31 PM ET

Practice Moves Slowly

This is a slow moving practice, already 15 minutes over. The South squad is working on special teams now.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 04:28 PM ET

Another South QB Struggles

Perrish Cox intercepted QB Zac Robinson twice on the same drive. First he battled for the ball in the middle of the field and wrestled it away from the WR. On the second he read Zac Robinson's eyes and broke on the sideline route. Robinson is struggling today with his accuracy and arm strength.

Posted by:  Bill Huber, Packer Report
at 01/27/2010 04:26 PM ET

Brown Fires a Bullet

Jarrett Brown is the best quarterback here by a mile. He throws a perfect laser strike to Jeremy Williams up the seam for a TD.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 04:24 PM ET

Byers Gets Smashed

USC offensive lineman Jeff Byers was rocked by a big collision with Miami LB Darryl Sharpton. Byers pulled to provide a lead block but Sharpton hammered him head-on and then made the tackle. Byers stayed down for a few seconds and then slowly got up. He continued to participate in the 11-on-11 drills.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 04:23 PM ET

Coleman Shows Up

Auburn DL Antonio Coleman has had several nice plays sniffing out the action in the backfield.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter, Viking Update
at 01/27/2010 04:22 PM ET

Jeremy Williams Makes a Play

Tulane WR Jeremy Williams made a great one-handed grab with tight coverage on a deep sideline pass from Tim Tebow.

Posted by:  Bill Huber, Packer Report
at 01/27/2010 04:20 PM ET

Linemen Moving Around

There's a lot of shuffling of offensive linemen today. Ciron Black was moved to guard and excelled, after mostly playing tackle. John Jerry, who was terrific at RG and RT, stuggled today when moved to left tackle.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 04:18 PM ET

Cody Limping

Alabama DT Terrence Cody was limping a bit with what appeared to be a minor foot or ankle injury after finishing a one-on-one battle with an offensive lineman. He has stayed out on the field and is competing, but is stll limping between plays.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 04:17 PM ET

McCoy Has a Good Play

Zac Robinson fired a strike to TE Anthony McCoy, who split the coverage for a TD.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 04:13 PM ET

Scott Beaten by Speed Rush

Tennessee OT Chris Scott has struggled against speed rushers this week, and has allowed them to get in on him. USF DE George Selvie just put him on the ground.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 04:06 PM ET

Steuber Impressed with Ole Miss WR

Ole Miss WR Dexter McCluster is very explosive. His initial burst is quicker than any prospect that I've ever seen.

Posted by:  Bill Huber, Packer Report
at 01/27/2010 04:05 PM ET

Coleman Solid

LSU S Harry Coleman could be a very good in-the-box safety. He has good instincts and size.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 03:57 PM ET

Case of the Dropsies

... And there's another ball on the ground with Tim Tebow under center. Is there an American Idol song for that?... Zac Robinson also missed on a QB-center exchange.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 03:56 PM ET

McCoy's Struggles Continue...

USC TE Anthony McCoy is still struggling with holding onto the ball. He's dropped a pair of catchable balls already.

Posted by:  Bill Huber,
at 01/27/2010 03:53 PM ET

Practice More Fun in the AM

We're seeing an interesting difference between the teams and coaches. The South team, with Dolphins coaches, do more individual instruction and work on technique. The North practices with the Lions coaching staff are more competitive... and more fun to watch.

Posted by:  Bill Huber, Packer Report
at 01/27/2010 03:51 PM ET

South Practice Notes

Tim Tebow has an ugly motion, but threw a beauty of a deep ball to Shay Hodge earlier... Dexter McCluster is a Percy Harvin-like receiver and back. He wins against a linebacker during pass blocking drills. He drew some "ooohs" from the crowd as he burst through the line... This is a great group of cornerbacks overall. There are plenty of physical guys, including Patrick Robinson of FSU and Jerome Murphy of South Florida.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 03:49 PM ET

Listening, Not Playing

Tee South Team practice lacks enthusiasm. They stand around taking instruction more than they actually practice.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson, Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 03:46 PM ET

One and Done TE Looks Good

Miami TE Jimmy Graham wowed the crowd at Ladd Peebles Stadium when he caught a 40-yd pass near the goal line and trotted into the end zone. He's showing great poise for a player who didn't join the Hurricanes football team until his senior year (Ed). Graham is a flat-out stud. He uses his frame to his advantage and possesses great hands. He can stretch the field and runs above-average routes. (Chris).

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 03:45 PM ET

No Peeking

Alabama TE Colin Peek isn't practicing today due to a stomach bug. He's still in Mobile and is expecting to return to action as soon as he's well.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter,
at 01/27/2010 03:34 PM ET

Tebow Slings Deep Pass

Tim Tebow's arm strength has been questioned, but he hit Dexter McCluster in stride 40 yards downfield during individual drills.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 03:32 PM ET

McCoy Struggling

USC TE Anthony McCoy continues to struggle. He has poor hands and lumbers throughout his routes. An underachiever at USC, McCoy seems set in his ways.

Posted by:  Bill Huber,
at 01/27/2010 03:30 PM ET

Roberts Reels in the Rock

Still in individual drills. Florida WR Riley Cooper just made a great one-handed catch on the sidelines, drawing applause from the Gator-friendly crowd.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 03:27 PM ET

McCluster Back with RBs

Once again Ole Miss' Dexter McCluster starts practice with the running backs. He'll likely switch to the WRs as practice progresses.

Posted by:  Bill Huber
at 01/27/2010 03:24 PM ET

Cooper in Trouble

Florida WR Riley Cooper got scolded for not giving top effort in individual drills.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 03:24 PM ET

A Tide of Gators

The South team is going through stretches with their trainer... Not surprisingly, the two most represented teams from a fan standpoint are Alabama (home state) and Florida (Tim Tebow followers).

Posted by:  Bill Huber,
at 01/27/2010 03:14 PM ET

Punting Story Remains the Same

Even in warm-ups, ECU's Matt Dodge can't punt with consistency. When he is good, he is really good. He needs a ton of coaching, though.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter,
at 01/27/2010 02:50 PM ET

Gilyard Vows Revenge!

The North practice is done. On the field afterwards, WR Mardy Gilyard was reliving a play with CB Chis Cook, saying "I'm gonna get you." Cook intercepted a pass during the session.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 12:03 PM ET

Practice Wraps Up

That's it for the North Team practice as the squad heads off the field. Tune in again at 2:45PM EST, when we'll pick right up with Tim Tebow and the South Team.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 12:02 PM ET

Edds' Instincts

I continue to be impressed by Iowa LB A.J. Edds' instincts against the pass. He's making smart decisions regarding when to release his initial receiver to put himself in the mix to stop underneath throws and quick passes out on the flat.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 11:58 AM ET

Wayne State RB Shows Skills

Wayne State RB Joique Bell is showing soft hands and more elusiveness today. He's finally showing his true ability, but still must improve his blocking.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 11:57 AM ET

Corners Impressing

There are so many good cornerbacks here in Mobile. One of them, Chris Cook of Virginia, as all over an out pattern from Tony Pike, and picked off the ball. The pass was intended for Pike's college teammate, WR Mardy Gilyard. Cook certainly looks the part at 6-2, 212, and displayed outstanding quickness and recognition throughout the 11-on-11 drills.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter,
at 01/27/2010 11:53 AM ET

LeFevour Makes LeMistake

QB Dan LeFevour made a bad decision on a covered screen pass and LB Daryl Washington got an easy pick six.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 11:48 AM ET

11-on-11 Notes

Nebraska LB Phillip Dillard disguised a blitz nicely and came through untouched for a touch sack... Sean Canfield is having his best day at QB and showing good touch downfield... Penn State DT Jared Odrick is having a good day. He just beat his man and easily got to QB Sean Canfield for a touch sack, and earlier had shed a blog to make a play on a draw.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 11:40 AM ET

Blount Impresses Again, But...

Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount and Fresno State RB Lonyae Miller look impressive during 11-on-11 drills. For a guy who weighs 245, Blount gets to the hole in a hurry. Shortly after some impressive runs, however, Blount coughs up the football. (Both Blount and Miller have a number of players to jump over on the draft boards at running back).

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 11:38 AM ET

Here We Go! Full Team Scrimmage

The team is getting ready to go into 11-on-11 drills.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 11:36 AM ET

Weatherspoon At It Again

Missouri LB Sean Witherspoon is wound up this morning and having fun. He's talking it up after plays and just let out a load and enthusiastic "Whoo!" that left the crowd laughing. Teams are going to love the enthusiasm that he packages with his skill set. (Weatherspoon is rated a five-star outside linebacker by

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 11:34 AM ET

Special Teams Practice

The North Team just started special teams practice. Mardy Gilyard and Jacoby Ford are back returning punts. The punting itself, though, remains shaky at best. Between Michigan's Zoltan Mesko and Matt Dodge of ECU, the bad kicks outnumber the good, two-to-one. Mesko is kicking now and just hit two good ones... but that was preceeded by three clunkers.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 11:33 AM ET

Husker Safety Lowers the Boom

Nebraska S Larry Asante teed off on Wisconsin TE Garrett Graham on a deep slant, knocking the ball loose. Graham did well to pop right up.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 11:30 AM ET

Carrington Steamrolls Laveao

Arkansas State DE Alex Carrington just bull-rushed Arizona State guard Shawn Laveao to the ground during linemen drills. The small-school defensive lineman may be set to move up the draft boards at DE.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 11:27 AM ET

Ford Speeds Ahead

Jacoby Ford is clearly the best WR early in the morning session. His speed is obvious and he's finding all the right creases in the defenses. (Ford came into the Senior Bowl as a very good but not overhyped receiver, as you can tell from the WR Draft Rankings).

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 01/27/2010 11:24 AM ET

Ghee and Pike

He was looking good so far, but Wake Forest CB Brandon Ghee just dropped a potential interception on an errant Tony Pike pass. Pike, meanwhile, continues his inaccurate ways. Tony Pike continues his inaccurate ways. He overthrew 6-4 Danario Alexander on an easy slant route.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 01/27/2010 11:23 AM ET

A Penguin Down South

A new receiver is on the field for the North Team-- Donald Jones out of Youngstown State. He started practice without his pads and looks to be one of the most well-conditioned receivers. Now we'll see how he performs while he getas into the flow. He's wearing No. 85.

Posted by:  Tim Yotter
at 01/27/2010 11:21 AM ET

Decker Remains On-Deck

University of Minnesota WR Eric Decker isn't participating in the Senior Bowl and won't be ready for minicamps, but he should be ready around June 1.

Posted by:  Chris Steuber
at 01/27/2010 11:19 AM ET

Canfield Looking Good

Sean Canfield delivered a nice over the shoulder pass to Missouri WR Danario Alexander during passing drills.

Posted by:  Bill Huber
at 01/27/2010 11:16 AM ET

A Corner in Trouble

Lions coaches are all over CB Devin McCourty for not looking back at the ball on a go route. Later, he's beaten badly at the line of scrimmage. The best cornerback so far may be Brandon Ghee.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at Wed 1/27/2010 8:02 AM ET


Players are going through positional drills and are getting ready for today's practice. Utah LB Koa Misi is not helping himself this week. almost whiffed on a tackle in warmups. When Penn State DL Jared Odrick stays low, he is a beast. Easier said than done at 6-5.

Posted by:  Scout Senior Bowl Team
at 1/27/2010 7:47 AM ET

Commodore Arrives

We have a new offensive lineman at practice. He is wearing a Vanderbilt helmet and we will try to find out who he is... As is new Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Posted by:  Ed Thompson
at 1/26/2010 11:38 PM ET

Tebow Media Management

As practice ended, QB Tim Tebow was ushered promptly to the NFL Network stage for an interview. Although a large media group waited in hopes of asking some questions, they were told he would stop over for photos but wouldn't be answering questions. Tebow looked a bit uncomfortable apparently sensing the awkwardness of the situation, but graciously waited until everyone finished. He was then escorted off the field, pausing for a moment to say hello, smile and rub the heads of a pair of young fans on his way out. Recommended Stories

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