Insider NFL Mock Draft Version 3.0
Derrick Morgan (Getty Images)
Derrick Morgan (Getty Images)
Senior NFL Reporter
Posted Apr 22, 2010

Lots of changes in the final version of the 2010 Insider NFL Mock Draft. Will anyone who should have been selected in the first round drop to the second?

Insider Mock Draft Version 1.0

Insider Mock Draft Version 2.0

1) St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma

First Mock Selection: Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma

Second Mock Selection: Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma

Analysis: Sources said he checked out well medically, so the team is poised to select their quarterback of the future.

Needs: QB, TE, DE, TE, WLB, CB, ORT, RB

Other Possibilities: None.

2) Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh/DT/Nebraska

First Mock Selection: Gerald McCoy/DT/Oklahoma

Second Mock Selection: Gerald McCoy/DT/Oklahoma

Analysis: Suh is more of an impact player than McCoy. While Suh may be better off playing in a 3-4, he certainly can explosive in a 4-3.

Needs: CB, S, G, DE, DT

Other Possibilities: Gerald McCoy.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy/DT/Oklahoma

First Mock Selection: Ndamukong Suh/DT/Nebraska

Second Mock Selection: Ndamukong Suh/DT/Nebraska

Analysis: A no-brainer here. McCoy will be an instant starter for the Buccaneers and will help to upgrade their shaky defensive line.

Needs: WR, DE, CB, DT

Other Possibilities: Ndamukong Suh.

4) Washington Redskins: Trent Williams/OT/Oklahoma

First Mock Selection: Russell Okung/OT/Oklahoma St.

Second Mock Selection: Trent Williams/OT/Oklahoma

Analysis: Head coach Mike Shanahan likes athletic left tackles.

Needs: ORT, OLT, G, WR, DE, CB

Other Possibilities:

5) Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung/OT/Oklahoma St.

First Mock Selection: Trent Williams/OT/Oklahoma

Second Mock Selection: Russell Okung/OT/Oklahoma St.

Analysis: They must protect Matt Cassel.

Needs: OT, G, OLB, TE, WR, CB, S

Other Possibilities: Trent Williams, Eric Berry.

6) Seattle Seahawks: Derrick Morgan/DE/Georgia Tech

First Mock Selection: Derrick Morgan/DE/Georgia Tech

Second Mock Selection: Derrick Morgan/DE/Georgia Tech

Analysis: They've got to replace recently retired DE Patrick Kerney.

Needs: OT, DE, SS, G, RB, WR

Other Possibilities: Either of the top two offensive tackles, Eric Berry.

7) Cleveland Browns: Eric Berry/S/Tennessee

First Mock Selection: Jimmy Clausen/QB/Notre Dame

Second Mock Selection: Eric Berry/S/Tennessee

Analysis: Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will move Berry around to take advantage of his athleticism.

Needs: OLB, QB, RB, WR, FS

Other Possibilities: Jimmy Clausen, C.J. Spiller.

8) Oakland Raiders: Jason Pierre-Paul/DE/South Florida

First Mock Selection: Eric Berry/S/Tennessee

Second Mock Selection: Jason Pierre-Paul/DE/South Florida

Analysis: Owner Al Davis can't ever be figured out other than he selects players you don't expect (see Sebastian Janikowski).

Needs: DT, ORT, OLT, DE, QB

Other Possibilities: Anthony Davis, Bryan Bulaga.

9) Buffalo Bills: Dan Williams/DT/Tennessee

First Mock Selection: C.J. Spiller/RB/Clemson

Second Mock Selection: Dan Williams/DT/Tennessee

Analysis: They must upgrade their defensive line.

Needs: OLB, OLT, DT, WR, QB

Other Possibilities: Bryan Bulaga, C.J. Spiller.

10) Jacksonville Jaguars: Brandon Graham/DE-OLB/Michigan

First Mock Selection: Joe Haden/CB/Florida

Second Mock Selection: Joe Haden/CB/Florida

Analysis: They dealt the disappointing Quentin Groves to the Raiders. Graham can play in either the 3-4 or 4-3 and the Jaguars need major pass-rushing help. Also keep in mind that veteran DE Aaron Kampman is coming off of a torn ACL and is no sure thing to return to previous form.

Needs: WR, QB, DE, CB

Other Possibilities: Jimmy Clausen, Earl Thomas, Joe Haden.

11) Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears): Rolando McClain/LB/Alabama

First Mock Selection: Rolando McClain/LB/Alabama

Second Mock Selection: Rolando McClain/LB/Alabama

Analysis: He'll fill a big need created after the team released starting ILB Andra Davis.

Needs: WR, ILB

Other Possibilities: Dez Bryant.

12) Miami Dolphins: Earl Thomas/S/Texas

First Mock Selection: Brandon Graham/DE-OLB/Michigan

Second Mock Selection: Brandon Graham/DE-OLB/Michigan

Analysis: Thomas fills a need created by the release of starting FS Gibril Wilson.

Needs: OLB, WR, FS, RB

Other Possibilities: Brandon Graham.

13) San Francisco 49ers: Bryan Bulaga/OT/Iowa

First Mock Selection: Bryan Bulaga/OT/Iowa

Second Mock Selection: C.J. Spiller/RB/Clemson

Analysis: Tough call here as three players that would fill needs were still left on the board. Bulaga can play RT or LT.

Needs: ORT, CB, RB, OLB

Other Possibilities: C.J. Spiller, Joe Haden.

14) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos): Anthony Davis/OT/Rutgers

First Mock Selection: Earl Thomas/S/Texas

Second Mock Selection: Earl Thomas/S/Texas

Analysis: They get their replacement for veteran LT Walter Jones.

Needs: OT, DE, S, G, RB, WR

Other Possibilities: C.J. Spiller, Joe Haden.

15) New York Giants: C.J. Spiller/RB/New York Giants

First Mock Selection: Mike Iupati/OT/Idaho

Second Mock Selection: Bryan Bulaga/OT/Iowa

Analysis: This is a great value selection. He'll add badly needed speed to their running game.

Needs: MLB, G, DE

Other Possibilities: Mike Iupati.

16) Tennessee Titans: Joe Haden/CB/Florida

First Mock Selection: Jason Pierre-Paul/DE/South Florida

Second Mock Selection: Kyle Wilson/CB/Boise St.

Analysis: Here's the replacement for veteran CB Nick Harper.

Needs: DE, CB

Other Possibilities: Kyle Wilson.

17) San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers): Kyle Wilson/CB/Boise St.

First Mock Selection: Kyle Wilson/CB/Boise St.

Second Mock Selection: Anthony Davis/OT/Rutgers

Analysis: Wilson will play in nickel this season then eventually replace veteran CB Nate Clements in the starting lineup.

Needs: ORT, CB, OLB, RB

Other Possibilities: Best OT that falls.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey/C/Florida

First Mock Selection: Maurkice Pouncey/C/Florida

Second Mock Selection: Maurkice Pouncey/C/Florida

Analysis: He's capable of playing center or guard--two areas that need depth and upgrading.

Needs: WR, C, G, CB, DE,

Other Possibilities: Jimmy Clausen.

19) Atlanta Falcons: Devin McCourty/CB/Rutgers

First Mock Selection: Jermaine Gresham/TE/Oklahoma

Second Mock Selection: Devin McCourty/CB/Rutgers

Analysis: They need an upgrade to play opposite veteran CB Dunta Robinson.

Needs: DE, CB, LB, OL

Other Possibilities: Sean Weatherspoon, Jermaine Gresham, Mike Iupati.

20) Houston Texans: Ryan Mathews/RB/Fresno St.

First Mock Selection: Devin McCourty/CB/Rutgers

Second Mock Selection: Ryan Mathews/RB/Fresno St.

Analysis: They finally can solve their issues at running back with Mathews.

Needs: CB, RB

Other Possibilities: Best CB that drops.

21) Cincinnati Bengals: Jermaine Gresham/TE/Oklahoma

First Mock Selection: Sergio Kindle/DE-OLB/Texas

Second Mock Selection: Sergio Kindle/DE-OLB/Texas

Analysis: Starting QB Carson Palmer finally has a reliable passing option at tight end.

Needs: WR, CB, TE, DE, LB

Other Possibilities: Sergio Kindle.

22) New England Patriots: Sergio Kindle/DE-OLB/Texas

First Mock Selection: Jerry Hughes/DE-OLB/TCU

Second Mock Selection: Jerry Hughes/DE-OLB/TCU

Analysis: They badly needed another pass rusher.

Needs: WR, TE, OLB, DE

Other Possibilities: Jermaine Gresham, Dez Bryant, Jerry Hughes.

23) Green Bay Packers: Jerry Hughes/DE-OLB/TCU

First Mock Selection: Anthony Davis/OT/Rutgers

Second Mock Selection: Ricky Sapp/DE-OLB/Clemson

Analysis: They needed to add another pass rusher.

Needs: CB, OLB, OLT

Other Possibilities: Ricky Sapp.

24) Philadelphia Eagles: Kareem Jackson/CB/Alabama

First Mock Selection: Everson Griffen/DE-OLB/USC

Second Mock Selection: Mike Iupati/OL/Idaho

Analysis: Jackson can come in and challenge for a starting job right away.

Needs: CB, FS, C, DL, G

Other Possibilities: Mike Iupati.

25) Baltimore Ravens: Patrick Robinson/CB/Florida St.

First Mock Selection: Dez Bryant/WR/Oklahoma St.

Second Mock Selection: Jermaine Gresham/TE/Oklahoma

Analysis: He would fill a need.

Needs: CB, DE, WR, ILB, FS, TE

Other Possibilities: Dez Bryant.

26) Arizona Cardinals: Sean Weatherspoon/LB/Missouri

First Mock Selection: Rodger Saffold/OL/Indiana

Second Mock Selection: Dez Bryant/WR/Oklahoma St.

Analysis: He'll replace veteran ILB Karlos Dansby.

Needs: ORT, ILB, CB, WR

Other Possibilities: Dez Bryant, Rodger Saffold.

27) Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant/WR/Oklahoma St.

First Mock Selection: Charles Brown/OT/USC

Second Mock Selection: Rodger Saffold/OL/Indiana

Analysis: Roy Williams has been a big disappointment.

Needs: OLT, FS, SS, WR

Other Possibilities: Charles Brown, Rodger Saffold.

28) San Diego Chargers: Jared Odrick/DL/Penn St.

First Mock Selection: Ryan Mathews/RB/Fresno St.

Second Mock Selection: Jared Odrick/DL/Penn St.

Analysis: He'll compete for playing time against veteran DE Jacques Cesaire.

Needs: RB, NT, DE

Other Possibilities: Terrence Cody.

29) New York Jets: Ricky Sapp/DE-OLB/Clemson

First Mock Selection: Ricky Sapp/DE-OLB/Clemson

Second Mock Selection: Kareem Jackson/CB/Alabama

Analysis: Sapp will get into their rotation at OLB right away.

Needs: OLB, DE, WR, CB

Other Possibilities: Best CB that drops. Jared Odrick.

30) Minnesota Vikings: Mike Iupati/OL/Idaho

First Mock Selection: Patrick Robinson/CB/Florida St.

Second Mock Selection: Patrick Robinson/CB/Florida St.

Analysis: Here's the eventual replacement for starting OT Bryant McKinnie.

Needs: DT, OLT

Other Possibilities: Jimmy Clausen.

31) Indianapolis Colts: Rodger Saffold/OT/Indiana

First Mock Selection: Koa Misi/DE-OLB/Utah

Second Mock Selection: Everson Griffen/DE/USC

Analysis: The left tackle position needs to be upgraded.

Needs: CB, DE, G, OT

Other Possibilities: Koa Misi, Everson Griffen.

32) New Orleans Saints: Brian Price/DT/UCLA

First Mock Selection: Taylor Mays/S/USC

Second Mock Selection: Taylor Mays/S/USC

Analysis: They are looking to an upgrade to play next to Sedrick Ellis.

Needs: SLB, FS, DT

Other Possibilities: Taylor Mays.

33) St. Louis Rams: Aaron Hernandez/TE/Florida

Analysis: The athletic pass catcher will help their passing game right away.

Needs: QB, TE, DE, TE, WLB, CB, ORT, RB

34) Detroit Lions: Everson Griffen/DE/USC

Analysis: They badly need a developmental DE.

Needs: CB, S, G, DE, DT

35) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Demaryius Thomas/WR/Georgia Tech

Analysis: He would have a decent chance to start as a rookie.

Needs: WR, DE, CB, DT

36) Kansas City Chiefs: Vladimir Ducasse/OL/Massachusetts

Analysis: He's capable of starting at either tackle spot or guard.

Needs: OT, G, OLB, TE, WR, CB, S

37) Philadelphia Eagles (from Washington Redskins): Dexter McCluster/RB/Mississippi

Analysis: He's a smaller version of Brian Westbrook.

Needs: CB, FS, C, DL, G, RB

38) Cleveland Browns: Jimmy Clausen/QB/Notre Dame

Analysis: Here's your next starting quarterback for the Browns.

Needs: OLB, QB, RB, WR, FS

39) Oakland Raiders: Terrence Cody/DT/Alabama

Analysis: He would start right away.

Needs: DT, ORT, OLT, DE, QB

40) San Diego Chargers (from Seattle Seahawks): Jonathan Dywer/RB/Georgia Tech

Analysis: The Chargers need a big back to fit in with their power running game.

Needs: RB, NT, DE

41) Buffalo Bills: Golden Tate/WR/Notre Dame

Analysis: They badly need help at receiver.

Needs: OLB, OLT, DT, WR, QB

42) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago Bears): Koa Misi/DE/Utah

Analysis: He could actually come in and challenge for a starting job right away.

Needs: WR, DE, CB, DT

43) Denver Broncos (from Miami Dolphins): Arrelious Benn/WR/Illinois

Analysis: Denver is hurting for depth at receiver.

Needs: WR, ILB

44) New England Patriots (from Jacksonville Jaguars): Dan Gronkowski/TE/Arizona

Analysis: He would fill a big need for an athletic pass catcher from the tight end position.

Needs: WR, TE, OLB, DE

45) Denver Broncos: Brandon LaFell/WR/LSU

Analysis: They needed to add at least two young pass catchers out of this draft who could come in and play right away.

Needs: WR, ILB

46) New York Giants: Sean Lee/MLB/Penn St.

Analysis: Here's your replacement for veteran MLB Antonio Pierce.

Needs: MLB, G, DE

47) New England Patriots (from Tennessee Titans): Mardy Gilyard/WR/Cincinnati

Analysis: Depth is a big problem for the Patriots at receiver.

Needs: WR, TE, OLB, DE

48) Carolina Panthers: Damian Williams/WR/USC

Analysis: He runs better than any USC receiver in recent years.

Needs: DT, WR, DE, QB

49) San Francisco 49ers: Brandon Spikes/LB/Florida

Analysis: Spikes will eventually replace veteran ILB Takeo Spikes.

Needs: ORT, CB, RB, OLB, ILB

50) Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta Falcons): Daryl Washington/LB/TCU

Analysis: Washington could come in and contribute right away.

Needs: OT, G, OLB, TE, WR, CB, S

51) Houston Texans: Chris Cook/CB/Virginia

Analysis: Cook would fill a huge need in their secondary.

Needs: CB, RB

52) Pittsburgh Steelers: Taylor Price/WR/Ohio University

Analysis: They need to replace WR Santonio Holmes.

Needs: WR, C, G, CB, DE

53) New England Patriots: Carlton Mitchell/WR/South Florida

Analysis: He would fill a need.

Needs: WR, TE, OLB, DE

54) Cincinnati Bengals: Brandon Ghee/CB/Wake Forrest

Analysis: Ghee would come in challenge for their nickel job right away.

Needs: WR, CB, TE, DE, LB

55) Philadelphia Eagles: Tyson Alualu/DT/California

Analysis: They needed to add one more defensive lineman early in this draft.

Needs: CB, FS, C, DL, G

56) Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown/OT/USC

Analysis: Here's the eventual replacement for LT Chad Clifton.

Needs: CB, OLB, OLT

57) Baltimore Ravens: Nate Allen/S/South Florida

Analysis: Allen could be the eventual replacement for FS Ed Reed.

Needs: CB, DE, WR, ILB, FS, TE

58) Arizona Cardinals: Eric Decker/WR/Minnesota

Analysis: He could help fill the void with the departure of veteran WR Anquan Boldin.

Needs: ORT, ILB, CB, WR

59) Dallas Cowboys: T.J. Ward/S/Oregon

Analysis: The physical safety could come in and challenge for playing time right away.

Needs: OLT, FS, SS, WR

60) Seattle Seahawks (from San Diego Chargers): Joe McKnight/RB/USC

Analysis: He played for new head coach Pete Carroll at USC. McKnight would give them really good versatility at RB.

Needs: OT, DE, SS, G, RB, WR

61) New York Jets: Perrish Cox/CB/Oklahoma St.

Analysis: They needed a developmental CB.

Needs: OLB, DE, WR, CB

62) Minnesota Vikings: Colt McCoy/QB/Texas

Analysis: McCoy would be the successor to veteran QB Brett Favre.

Needs: DT, OLT

63) Indianapolis Colts: Dominique Franks/CB/Oklahoma

Analysis: Depth is an issue for the Colts at CB.

Needs: CB, DE, G, OT

64) New Orleans Saints: Taylor Mays/S/USC

Analysis: Mays would be a great value right here.

Needs: SLB, FS, DT

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